Latium Enterprises (LE) is the hub based in Manchester, England and New York, USA which has a large number of Companies in The US and UK in diverse business sectors all of which were either totally or materially controlled by Brian Kennedy working with specialised partners. Brian began in business from scratch 23 years ago and grew his group of businesses to have a combined turnover of $1billion which employed three thousand five hundred staff. Brian floated (July 2014) one of the group - Epwin PLC - on the AIM London Stock Exchange. Brian still has a significant interest in this group. Business sectors include Renewable Energy Construction and Operation; Industrial and Office Property Ownership and Management; Plastic Extrusion Manufacture; Waste Management, Home Improvement (Remodelling), Glass Sealed Unit Manufacture; Feature Film Production; and had previous Ownership of a Professional Rugby Club in The English Premier League.

LE employs a small team of highly trained specialists who provide Financial; Legal, IT and Tax support to the portfolio and ascertain viability of business opportunities which invariably find their way on to Brian’s desk with regularity. All businesses are monitored on a daily basis in terms of sales and cash generation. Each business has its own Board of Directors and is run and measured on its own merits.

The key strengths of LE are a high level of expertise and experience, manned by people who are professionally trained, and have been exposed to the rigours of operating and reacting quickly in a highly demanding and wide ranging commercial environment. LE prides itself on straightforward and straight speaking solutions to seemingly complex issues. These alongside a fierce work ethic combine to form a potent organisation. These allied to our ability to not take life too seriously sum up the mantra by which LE functions and delivers success time and again.

Kennedy Renewables & GE Promotional Video for UK Renewables 2013

Little Raith Wind Farm - Owned & Operated By Kennedy Renewables. Facility Completion 21 November 2012.

Turbine Model GE 2.75, 125 Metre Tip Height, 100 Metre Rotor Diameter, 75 Metre Hub Height.